DORIAN BLACK receives the “German Pop Prize 2021” and triumphs as the best rock, pop and alternative singer!!

At the 39th German Rock & Pop Award 2021, DORIAN BLACK won the “German Pop Award” in the main category “Pop” together with seven other acts! After the second prize in 2020, he triumphed for the first time in this prestigious category. His song “Berlin Is Not In Germany” was rated “2 = good” by the jury.

DORIAN BLACK has won the special category “Best Rock Singer” with the rating “1 = very good” for the submitted song “Take The Hard Way”!

After his first prize in 2019, this is the second time he has achieved the top position in this category (this time together with George Theodorou).

In the special category “Best Pop Singer” DORIAN BLACK became the winner in the special category “Best Pop Singer”!

This represents another top performance after winning this category in 2019 (this time together with barlhow).
In addition, as in 2017, he was awarded “Best Alternative Singer” for the track “Karpov!”.

DORIAN BLACK had already received first prize in 2017 as “Best Alternative Singer” at the traditional Germany-wide award, which has been held since 1983, and also triumphed in 2019 in the categories “Best Rock Singer” and “Best Pop Singer” and in 2020 with second prize in the main category Pop . Due to his recent successes, DORIAN BLACK has advanced to become one of the most successful participants in the competition.

As in 2020, the competition was held exclusively online in 2021 due to the corona pandemic. Up to and including 2019, the awards in the main categories were based on the performances of the nominated bands and solo artists on the large stage of the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen in front of more than 1,000 spectators.

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