Frontman and songwriter Dorian Black stands for a sophisticated and ambitious style of music. Comprehensive, multi-faceted compositions, a great variety of instruments and deep, meaningful lyrics symbolize a different attitude and make DORIAN BLACK a fascinating act. One may listen to energetic, rhythmic and intoxicating songs alternating with melancholic and spine-chilling tracks creating a highly erotic atmosphere. Uptempo rock songs are accompanied by danceable grooves and wistful ballads. Catchy hooklines, striking riffs und fantastic melodies provide for a high recognition value. The style bridges guitar-based Glamrock to Gothic, Electro Rock and Synthie Pop. Elements of classical music refine and glamourize the songs. Lead singer Dorian Black is able to use his expressive voice and his whole vocal range to interprete his songs emotionally. His voice becomes an important instrument and sets the tone of every particular track. Bright sung melodies and high falsetto lines as well as spoken and whispered passages reflect the vocal qualities.

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