Happy Easter! New Single Release: “Take Me Out Of Here”!

I wish you all Happy Easter! Stay safe and healthy!

For Easter Sunday I decided to release a new song. I worked on “Take Me Out Of Here” a few years ago, but the text is particularly appropriate during the Corona crisis. After the song was essentially done in my head, I had the idea for the guitar riff when I was slipping through the streets of Zurich on the morning of the Rolling Stones concert in June 2014 at the Letzigrund Stadium… I immediately recorded it with my Smartphone…

Many thanks to Zwoen, Daniel Dexter, Werner Kunschke, Cloons, Stefan Lang, Jago and Susanne Kautz for their support.

The cover photo for the release of my new single “Take Me Out Of Here”. was shot by Mathias Schneider – pcundfoto.de. As a make-up artist, Sylvia Schneider created my outfit. Zwoen supported me in the design of the cover. Thank you so much!

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